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Smartect protective glass for CAT S62 Pro [Clear - 3 pieces]

Smartect protective glass for CAT S62 Pro [Clear - 3 pieces]

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Clear Protect protective glass: Our protective glass with clear glass offers reliable protection without compromising the visual quality on your display. Enjoy a clear and razor-sharp display of your screen content despite the protective glass.

Easy to attach: the smartect screen protector is supplied with an accessory set for mounting the display. A German language instruction manual is included with the glasses.

Protection against breakage and scratches: The protective glass is made of Japanese Asahi Tempered Glass with 9H hardness. It can thus protect your display from scratches and breakage. The glass film is also ultra-thin (0.3 mm).

Bubble-free assembly: A special coating enables completely bubble-free assembly. All real glass films from smartect are self-adhesive.

Maximum fitting accuracy: the glass film is 100% compatible with the CAT S62 Pro product. Please note that with a rounded display, only the horizontal surface is covered by the cell phone protective glass.

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