Schutzglas vs Schutzfolie

Protective glass or protective film, which protection is the better choice?

Are you looking for a suitable screen protector? We are here to help you decide whether a protective glass or film is better for protecting your cell phone.

Screen protectors and protective glasses both offer some protection, but differ in their properties and functionalities. Here are the key differences between screen protectors and tempered glass:

  • Material and Hardness: Protective glass are made of tempered glass and offer high hardness to effectively protect the screen from scratches and bumps. Protective films, on the other hand, consist of a thin TPU plastic layer. The TPU film can prevent scratches, but it does not have the same impact resistance as a protective glass, but is much more flexible.
  • Scope of protection: TPU films usually provide protection for the entire front of the smartphone, including the rounded edges. Protective glass, with the exception of full screen glasses, usually only covers the flat part of the screen.
  • Installation and Removal: Protective glasses are easier to install and leave no air bubbles. In addition, they can be used several times if they are not damaged. Screen films often require a little more patience to apply and can be more difficult to remove.
  • Additional features: Some protective glasses offer additional features such as privacy filters that limit lateral visibility or matte surfaces that reduce reflections. Protective films often do not offer such additional functions.

  • Advantages protective glass

    • better protection against scratches and bumps
    • easy attachment
    • reusable
    • visual effects such as privacy or matt are possible
  • Advantages protective films

    • significantly more flexible
    • also cover rounded edges of the display
    • the fingerprint sensor and the pressure sensitivity of the display work better for some manufacturers


Ultimately, the choice between a protective film and a protective glass comes down to individual needs and preferences. When maximum protection or additional features are desired, a protective glass is the best choice for your display. Protective films are the best choice for smartphone models with rounded edges and also offer basic protection against scratches.