Clear Protect

The Clear Protect glass is the perfect solution to protect your smartphone screen without acrificing visual quality affect. With its 9H glass, it offers reliable protection against scratches and damage while maintaining a clear and can enjoy razor-sharp display of your screen content. In addition, our Clear Protect glasses have a case-friendy fit.

  • clear glass
  • optimal fit for use with protective cover
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Matte Protect

The Matte Protect glass not only protects your display from scratches and damage, but also reduces reflections and reflections on the display. This increases the readability of the screen improved, especially in bright light or direct sunlight without disturbing glare effects. Our tip for the summer time!

  • reduces reflections
  • optimal fit for use with protective cover
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Privacy Protect

The Privacy Protect glass offers effective privacy protection for your smartphone. With its special privacy filter, it limits the visibility of the screen at a side viewing angle. This prevents prying eyes from reading the display from the side. It ensures that confidential information is visible only to the user, without compromising.

  • effective privacy protection from the side
  • reduces reflections
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Full Screen Protect - to the edge

The Full Screen protective glass offers comprehensive protection for the smartphone display. It covers the entire front of the device, including the rounded edges, protecting the whole Screen from scratches, bumps and other potential damage.

  • Full protection to the edge
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